Full Screening Process

Before accepting service providers onto our platform, we screen them first. Screening of service providers involves Criminal Background Checks, Licensing Verification, and Insurance Verification. Each service provider must satisfy us in all three areas before being accepted on our platform. Here is the process that we follow to make sure our customers are safe.

1. Criminal Records Database

We ask potential service providers for their social security number. Then we use that SSN to perform a search in the criminal records database. The database will provide instant, accurate, and timely information. We either get a copy of the criminal record(s) or a report stating that there is no criminal record.

We are interested in serious criminal activities such as robberies, theft, rape, child molestation, and violence. Any service provider who has a history of any of these crimes is instantly dropped. We never take chances with the lives of our valued customers since services will be performed on residential or business premises. However, we will ignore minor offenses such as traffic violations.

Once we are satisfied that a service provider has a clean criminal record, we go on to verify the operating license and business insurance coverage.

2. Licensing Verification

All service providers must be legitimate. Using the correct business name, we check them out before we let them perform services for our customers. First, we check that the service provider (the individual or the company) is registered to do business in the state or county where they want to operate. Then we check with the state’s online database, the city clerk, and/or county clerk to make sure that the service provider has the requisite permits and licenses. If the licenses and permits exist, we verify that they are still valid. Once we are satisfied, we go on to verify business insurance coverage.

3. Insurance Verification

All service providers must be insured. The insurance company must be able to pay out should a customer sue the service provider. Here is how we make sure:

3.1 If the state has a database of licenses, we check the state department of insurance website to see if the insurance agent is licensed. Alternatively, we inquire by calling the insurance commissioner or department of insurance.

3.2 Once in the database we check the insurance company for validity, customer complaints and assets.

3.3 We check the A.M. Best website to review the financial strength rating of the insurance company. A.M. Best is an independent ratings company that evaluates all insurance providers’ ability to meet insurance obligations.

Once we are satisfied that a service provider is definitely insured by a reputable insurance company, we can allow them to join our platform and provide services to our valued customers.